Historical strategy game Victoria 3 to see a release this October

Victoria 3 release Industrialists map

Those unfamiliar with Paradox Interactive’s Victoria 3 may see it as just another strategy game themed around an important historical era. In actuality though, fans of strategy games see Victoria 3 as a fairly significant release, and its predecessorVictoria 2, came out over a decade ago. Those who have invested countless hours into Victoria 2 for the past 12 years can finally get excited about having something new to play. Fortunately, the extended wait for Victoria 3 will end fairly soon, as Paradox Interactive just announced that it will come to PC on October 25.

A recent press release describes Victoria 3 as “a deep socio-economic and political simulation” that sees players catering to the needs of countless individuals “across a century of dramatic technological and social upheaval.” Of course, citizens will regularly require food, so try not to leave them starving as you craft your ideal Victorian Era nation. Although this may imply that the game mainly deals with British history, you can actually choose to shape one of a variety of nations from that era, including Prussia, Colonial Canada, Russia, and Qing China.


The world does not revolve around you

You will also have to keep in mind that citizens have their own agendas, which means they’ll often demand certain political outcomes and try to gain influence and power. In these situations, players can either enact laws and reforms that address the citizens’ various desires or chart their own path forward for the nation, regardless of how the citizens may feel about it.

Upon releaseVictoria 3 will cost $49.99 USD, so you’ll have to invest a fair bit of your spare income if you want to try it out. It does seem like the game will feature more than enough content to justify the price, though, so those who see themselves sinking a ton of time into this game shouldn’t hesitate to jump in.

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