History of Chris Redfield

Previously on the History of Chris Redfield, we covered his entire life story up until the events before the start of Resident Evil 5. Having just reunited with his longtime friend and partner, Jill Valentine, tragedy struck. On a mission to capture the former Umbrella founder, Dr. Oswell E. Spencer, the duo were attacked by Wesker. In a last-ditch effort to save Chris’ life, Jill tackled Wesker and they fell out of a window into the sea below. Jill was missing, but presumed dead. However, Chris didn’t give up hope that his partner was still out there. Little did he know how right he was.

In 2009, Chris was the most prolific member of the BSAA, having completed countless successful missions. In March of that year he ventured off to Kijuju in Africa to stop a black market bioweapons deal. Chris and his new partner Sheva Alomar were sent in to arrest Ricardo Irving, the man behind the deal. Irving had ties to Umbrella which, as we covered in the last History of Chris Redfield, was taken down when the company’s Russian facility was destroyed by Chris and Jill.


On their way to stop the deal, Chris and Sheva encounter a group of locals infected with the Las Plagas virus — the same virus that plagued the village in Resident Evil 4. Chris’ team he was sent with was ambushed and almost entirely wiped out by the infected, called the Majini. The last surviving member of Alpha Team tells Chris it was a setup, and hands him a hard drive with information taken from Irving. Chris and Sheva then encountered the creature that took out Alpha Team: a new bioweapon that had been infected with the Uroboros virus. It was the same virus which Wesker injected himself.

History of Chris Redfield

I bless the rains…

After trying to secure a chopper for evacuation, the helicopter is attacked and crashes. It is never that easy in a Resident Evil game after all. The duo are then ambushed by a gang of motorcycle riding Majini, but are saved by a BSAA group called Delta Team. While analyzing the data with Delta Team, Chris spots a picture of a woman who looks suspiciously like Jill.

While continuing to follow Irving’s trail, Chris and Sheva travel through the village of a local tribe. Strangely, some of their tents bear the logo of Tricell, a major pharmaceutical company. The pair head off to the docks to find Irving, but he was one step ahead, blowing up his lab during his escape. Chris catches up to Irving on his getaway boat, and out of desperation, Irving injects himself with a virus and turns into a giant sea monster.

Before Irving dies, he directs them to a nearby cave. While there Chris and Sheva discover an old Umbrella lab with more information linking Umbrella to Tricell. They are then greeted by Excella Gionne, the co-founder of Tricell — confirming the company’s involvement with the remnants of Umbrella. Excella manages to escape, but Chris overhears a conversation between her and Wesker. Now, Chris knows that Wesker survived the fall as well.

History of Chris Redfield

She probably should have seen that coming

While chasing after Excella, Wesker finally shows himself to Chris. When asked about Jill’s whereabouts, Wesker reveals that the cloaked woman from the data footage was actually Jill. She had been given powers by Wesker and brainwashed through a device on her chest. The two are assaulted by the superpowered duo, but Chris is able to break through to Jill. With her now free from Wesker’s brainwashing, she insists that Chris follow Wesker and stop him before he finishes whatever he is planning.

Continuing their pursuit of Wesker and Excella to a large tanker, they meet up with Excella once more. Now that she had outlived her usefulness to him, Wesker injected Excella with Uroboros. She did not gain any powers however, and instead merged with the bodies of other dead Majini and became a giant, grotesque monster. After defeating Excella, all that remained was Wesker himself.

When Excella transformed she dropped a briefcase full of vials. According to Jill, this vial is what Wesker uses to keep the Uroboros under control. Armed with this knowledge, Chris and Sheva finally confront Wesker. After fighting for a bit, the pair manage to inject the full vial into his chest in the hope that it would poison him.

All the memes come from this one encounter

Their fight moves to a stealth bomber plane already in the process of taking off. Chris manages to inject Wesker with another vial, but grabs onto Sheva before tumbling out of the plane. Not wanting to lose another partner like he lost Jill, Chris manages to save Sheva from falling. Sheva responds by shooting Wesker, knocking him out of the craft. The plane then crashes into a volcano (of course). Wesker overloads himself on Uroboros, completely transforming him. During the fight, Wesker falls into the lava — seemingly defeated.

But like any good horror movie villain, he has one last scare in him. While taking off in the escape chopper, Wesker tries to take the vehicle down with him into the lava. Before he can, Chris and Sheva use the RPGs conveniently aboard the plane to defeat Wesker once and for all. Upon returning back to the states, Jill tries to fully recover from Wesker’s brainwashing. Chris decides that with Umbrella and Wesker gone, he needs to train the next generation of BSAA. Why? Because there will always be another Wesker.

At this point in the History of Chris Redfield, we are going to take a brief break from the games. Chris was actually involved in the events covered by Biohazard The Stage. Which is, as you might have guessed, a stage play that takes place in the Resident Evil universe after the events of Resident Evil 5. In 2010, during events that take place one year after the last game, Chris became a Special Operations unit captain in the BSAA. He begins to train the next generation of BSAA agents, just like he said he would at the conclusion of Resident Evil 5. One such student, Piers Nivans, stands out for his exceptional skill. Chris decides to take him under his wing.

Yes, you heard me… a play

Considering what we have covered so far in the History of Chris Redfield, this is a pretty simple story. Chris and Piers investigate an outbreak at Philosophy University in Australia at the behest of Rebecca Chambers. They manage to take out a new type of Tyrant, as well as the mastermind behind the outbreak. That being Mary Grey, a student from the university who gained super intelligence by adapting the T-Virus. Chris defeats her with his favorite method: a rocket launcher to the face. Chris, Piers, Rebecca, and a few other survivors then escape via helicopter.

Later that same year in 2010, Chris becomes involved in an outbreak in the United States, which is “surprisingly rare” in the Resident Evil universe. The story took place in Resident Evil: The Marhawa Desire, a manga that served as a prequel to Resident Evil 6. After quelling that incident, Chris meets Leon for the first time at a conference for TerraSave, a non-governmental human rights agency that Claire Redfield is a prominent member of. Chris and Piers then went to Asia in 2012 to stop an outbreak with the help of a promising young agent named Merah Biji. After stopping this outbreak, Chris and Piers decide to join Biji in handing her report to a professor named Doug Wright. After being saved by Chris during the American outbreak, Wright became an adviser to the BSAA in Asia.

After arriving at Wright’s university, it became clear that something was amiss. Wright had not been heard or seen from in quite some time. The trio discover that Wright visited the Marhawa School with his cousin deep in the country. They decide to investigate and arrive at the school only to find it caught in the middle of another outbreak. Unfortunately, they were too late to save Wright, but not his cousin, Ricky Tozawa.

History of Chris Redfield

A prelude to global chaos

While trying to escape the school, Biji stays back to go after the suspected perpetrator of the outbreak: a student named Bindi Bergara. Chris tells her to stay back but she disobeys. After reuniting with Biji, they fight a mutated Bindi where Biji tragically dies in Pier’s arms. Later that year on Christmas Eve in 2012, the events of Resident Evil 6 will transpire.

That is where we will leave you for today. In the third and final part of our History of Chris Redfield series, we will cover Chris’ most recent adventures leading him up to the soon-to-be-released Resident Evil Village.

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