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The upcoming target in the HITMAN 2 Bank expansion will be available starting tomorrow, June 25. A trailer released by IO Interactive gives us a small peak of the Milton-Fitzpatrick investment bank where Agent 47 will be tracking down the company’s director. An investigation will be taking place at the bank, and players can use that as an opportunity to don multiple disguises and use new items in their hunt for the director. This new HITMAN 2 expansion takes place in the game’s first post-launch sandbox location of New York City.

See if you can catch Agent 47 disguised as a security guard, mailroom clerk, and more in the background of the trailer below.

The Bank DLC will be available to anyone who has purchased the HITMAN 2 Expansion pass. It will also come with two extra Special Assignments: Embrace of the Serpent and Illusions of Grandeur. There will be a handful of new achievements to unlock with the expansion as well.

HITMAN 2 Bank level Mastery Progression

The Hitman 2 bank expansion will launch with its own Mastery Progession. These open up new locations to start the mission, new items, and a sweet Starting Suit outfit for Agent 47. Below are the different mastery levels and their corresponding rewards.

  • Level 2: Small Goldbar – Melee Weapon
  • Level 3: First Floor Mezzanine – New Starting Location
  • Level 4: Waiting Area Bathroom – Hidden Stash
  • Level 5: ICA Remote Flash Device – Explosive Weapon
  • Level 6: First Floor Janitor Room – Agency Pickup
  • Level 7: Audit Hall – New Starting Location
  • Level 7: Second Floor Bathroom – Hidden Stash
  • Level 8: Deposit Box – Hidden Stash
  • Level 9: Deposit Box Room – New Starting Location
  • Level 10: Customized Bartoli 12G – Shotgun
  • Level 11: Investment Floor – Starting Location
  • Level 12: Executive Floor – Agency Pickup
  • Level 13: Garage – New Starting Location
  • Level 14: Vault Loading Bay – Agency Pickup
  • Level 15: Name Redacted with Gloves – New Outfit
Hitman 2 Bank Level Starter Suit Hitman 2 PC

The Starter Suit, rewarded to players for mastery of the HITMAN 2 bank level.

Be sure to read our HITMAN 2 review. Are you looking forward to new targets in HITMAN 2? Leave us your thoughts on the expansion in the comments below!

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