Hitman 3 Freelancer delayed

Hitman 3‘s Freelancer mode has been delayed and will now release sometime in the “second half of 2022.” This was confirmed in a recent update outlining the content roadmap for Year 2. IO Interactive says that the mode is “quite expansive and involving.” With that, the developer hopes that the delay can make the mode “as close to [its] ambitions as possible.”

We last heard about the Freelancer mode in January when IO Interactive laid out its plans for Hitman 3 for the rest of 2022. The new mode will add a roguelike element to the game, where players can take down criminal organizations. It’s a big mode. So much so that IO Interactive has been thoroughly testing it to make sure it’s ready for release. While it’s disappointing to see Freelancer get delayed, it’s nice to see the developer continue to work hard on Hitman 3.


There’s plenty to do in spring

That isn’t all for the update, as we also have a roadmap for Hitman 3‘s spring content in May. As usual, there’s a range of themed contracts and unlocks for spring. These include the Yellow Rabbit Suit outfit and the Ducky Gun weapon. There’s also the Duck Hunt challenge coming on May 24. This content was originally meant to be out in April, hence the Easter theme. Two Elusive Targets are also returning. Players can take on The Fugitive from May 6 to May 13 and The Bookkeeper from May 13 to May 23. You’ll also get another chance to take down The Iconoclast from May 27 to June 6. Be sure to tackle these targets if you missed out on them before.

Hitman 3 Freelancer delayed spring roadmap

(Image credit: IO Interactive)

May will also see three Featured Contracts, which is more than usual. Space Conflict launches on May 5, with Food Fight on May 12, and Rubber Duck on May 19. Come May 24, a new patch will arrive for Hitman 3. It’s called Patch 3.110, and it includes ray tracing for PC, a feature previously exclusive to the PS5. Further details for the patch should be revealed around the time of its release.

Finally, IO Interactive gave us a glimpse at the new map coming to the game in July. It’s called Ambrose Island and adds more to the World of Assassination storyline. The mission will take place before the events of Hitman 3 and fill in a few gaps from the main campaign. The image shared in the post showcases a moody shot of the nighttime map. With a large antenna in the background, it’s bound to be a good place to bring a sniper.

Hitman 3 Freelancer delayed Ambrose Island

(Image credit: IO Interactive)

Even more to come in 2022

That’s it for today’s update, but IO Interactive has a busy year ahead. It’s disappointing to see the Freelancer mode get delayed, but Hitman 3 still has plenty of content to experience. And with the extra missions coming in May, there’s still plenty to keep players busy.

Patch 3.110 includes ray tracing and will arrive on May 24. Ambrose Island will be released sometime in June. And Freelancer, the highly-anticipated new game mode, will arrive in the second half of 2022.

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