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The latest Hogwarts Legacy cinematic trailer shows off some iconic locations from the wizarding series. We also get a new look at a classic character who fans of the Harry Potter films should easily recognize. Alongside this, the cinematic trailer gives us another solid look at what’s to come in Hogwarts Legacy before it launches on February 10.

Hogwarts Legacy‘s new cinematic trailer opens up with an owl soaring through the grounds of Hogwarts. Along the way, it flies by the iconic buildings and a wizard on a broom. It makes its way through the main hall of Hogwarts, where we see our first glimpse at Nearly Headless Nick. All the film fans out there may remember him as being portrayed by John Cleese in the films. His appearance is brief in the trailer, but he certainly looks the part in the game.

Later in the trailer, the owl’s journey takes it into the Forbidden Forest. The forest is a particularly creepy location from the Harry Potter world in which plenty of spiders and other dark creatures lurk. And it’s here that we see a group of wizards who practice the dark arts. The more forbidden magic is something that players will also get to partake in — if they choose. But that’s quickly outdone by the presence of a dragon, which a group of Hogwarts students appears to be fighting. The trailer is essentially a snapshot of everything that makes Hogwarts an iconic location. And it won’t be long before players can check it out for themselves.

Hogwarts Legacy‘s latest trailer showcases iconic locations

The development of Hogwarts Legacy has certainly hit a few bumps in the road. After getting delayed last August, Harry Potter fans were forced to wait a few extra months for the game to arrive. But now the game’s release date is finally getting nearer. There are only a few short weeks now until February 10. But no one will blame you if you want to watch the cinematic trailer a few more times before Hogwarts Legacy releases.

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