Hogwarts Legacy Delayed Delay 2022

Hogwarts Legacy gets delayed until 2022

Wingardium Delayviosa.

You won’t get your Hogwarts invitations this year, students. Hogwarts Legacy, the Harry Potter RPG, has been delayed. Originally, the game was due to be out sometime this year, but that will no longer be the case. The school has closed its doors for new students in 2021. Like Pigwidgeon, it will miss its window and crash land sometime in 2022.

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Granted, you didn’t need to be a divination teacher to assume a delay was coming. Beyond its official reveal during Sony’s showcase last September, nary a whisper has been heard on Hogwarts Legacy. In fact, I actually forgot the game existed until today.

The delay was announced in a brief message posted by the game’s official Twitter account. It didn’t cite a major reason for the delay, but mentioned that developer Avalanche Software needs to give “the game the time it needs.” While some Harry Potter fans are no doubt disappointed by the news, I’m sure quite a few are embracing the delay. I mean, we’ve all experienced the end result of a hyped game getting rushed out the door. For many, the mystical world of Harry Potter is, well, magical in more ways than one. Having the developer take its time is not always a bad thing, of course. We don’t need our owls to aggressively T-pose at us.

Hogwarts Legacy gets delayed, but school will commence next year (hopefully)

As a quick recap, Hogwarts Legacy will place you in the role of a fresh-faced student learning witchcraft and wizardry from the franchise’s famous school. It’s set in the 1800s, long, long, before the timeline of the books, which will allow Avalanche to craft its own stories, and present different situations. Well, probably not too different. The trailer that was shown in September last year included snippets of students learning magic, chatting it up in one of Hogwarts’ courtyards, and fighting a big-ass dragon — because there’s always a big-ass dragon.

We’ll likely hear more about Hogwarts Legacy in due time later this year. Until then, keep your brooms in the closet.

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