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Hogwarts Legacy: How to identify items

I was excited until I saw the bad stats.

You’ll be able to pick up and acquire a lot of loot in Hogwarts Legacy. Most of them tend to be randomized, so it is what it is. Still, there are several that have types and stats that will remain unknown until you find a way to reveal them. A good example of a gear piece is the one you can loot from the Bridge Puzzle. There’s a good chance that you got it earlier, but won’t know what to do with it until you progress a bit. Here’s our Hogwarts Legacy guide to help you identify items via the Room of Requirement and Desk of Description.

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Hogwarts Legacy guide – How to identify items via the Desk of Description in the Room of Requirement

You can identify items in Hogwarts Legacy once you’ve unlocked the Room of Requirement. This fairly short quest takes you to its chambers filled with heaps of objects discarded and forgotten by countless students. Upon reaching the end of the passageway, Professor Weasley and Deek the house elf will tell you to use your imagination to create the hub that you truly want. The area then transforms into your personal hub which you can decorate at your leisure.

Apart from that, one of the first fixtures you’ll get to use is called the Desk of Description, the one mechanic that allows you to identify items in Hogwarts Legacy. Simply put, anytime you have an unidentified item in your inventory, you’ll want to visit the Room of Requirement so you can use the desk. All unknown-type gear pieces will be revealed to you in a single action, so you don’t have to check them one by one.

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Note: If you’re trying to earn some extra gold by selling items, try to avoid selling those that are still unidentified. They might have better stats even with lower rarity, and base stats tend to be more important if you’re still leveling or progressing through the campaign.

Hogwarts Legacy is available via Steam.

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