Honkai Star Rail: All chest and Warp Trotter locations in Fyxestroll Garden

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The newest version of Honkai: Star Rail introduced a brand new zone for players to explore and play around in. The Fyxestroll Garden is the new haven for a new event, but it also has plenty of chests to explore. Here’s our guide on all chest locations in Fyxestroll Garden.

All chest and Warp Trotter locations in Fyxestroll Garden

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The first chest can be found when you take a right by the entrance.

Image 55

Head south from the first chest you found to find this chest here in this little nook.

Image 56

Continue heading south until you reach this chest here.

Image 57

Now, head north until you reach this little platform here. There’s a chest behind one of the screens.

Image 58

Keep heading north until you find another chest here.

Image 59

After finding that chest, head west until you reach this intersection here. From here, you can go down the west steps or the south steps. We’ll head south from here.

Image 60

Keep heading south and don’t take a turn. There’s a Formidable Foe here gatekeeping a chest. Defeat these enemies to unlock this chest and reap its rewards.

Image 61

This chest here is up on a mountainside.

Image 62

Keep at the mountainside, and you’ll eventually reach this intersection here.

Image 63

Take the leftmost path, and you’ll eventually reach this cliffside with one chest and the single Warp Trotter for this zone. The Warp Trotter drops a lot of Stellar Jade, so unless you have a Topaz & Numby and are absolutely heartbroken at the idea of defeating Numby’s new best friend, be sure to defeat it.

Image 64

Now, keep heading north towards a staircase. Another Formidable Foe is waiting here in front of a chest.

Image 65

After you claim the last chest, teleport to the Teleport Waypoint: Locufox Forest Backdoor. Head north from here until you reach the chest pictured above.

Image 66

From here, locate the mirror. If you participated in the Foxian Tale of the Haunted event, this should look familiar. Mark this location again, cause we’ll need to return to it, but for now, check out this box behind the mirror.

Image 67

Our next chest is a bit of a hike away. Teleport to the Swallowsong Pavilion Entrance waypoint and take an elevator upwards. You can follow a path and reach this chest here at a dead end.

Image 68

Now, return to that mirror we were at previously. If you completed the Foxian Tale of the Haunted event, you can actually go into this mirror again! There’s a chest here pictured above.

Image 69

To leave this area, turn around and follow this path leading up to the faraway mirror pictured above. There’s a chest there as well, and our final chest of the area.

Honkai: Star Rail Version 1.5 is available now on PC, PlayStation 5, iOS, and Android.

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