Sims 4 Appease Gnomes

Holidays are a huge feature when you are playing through all the different seasons in the Sims 4. During the Harvestfest, your Sims will encounter different gnomes that will appear around your home. As a part of the festivities, you will have to keep each gnome happy by appeasing them in the Sims 4. In order to do this, you will have to give them the correct gift to avoid them causing chaos in your house.

There are a total of 12 gnomes that you may encounter during the event. The game will not tell you which gnome you are dealing with, so you will have to become familiar with the characteristics of each one. Also, the gnomes will want you to gift them either a toy, coffee, pie, salad, fruit cake, or a future cube.


How to appease each gnome in the Sims 4

Beginning with Happy Gnomiversary, this gnome wears a tuxedo and a party hat. In addition, you will see this gnome holding a piece of cake and have a party horn in its mouth. To keep this gnome appeased, you should gift him coffee. Next, There’s No Place Like Gnome is the most regular looking gnome of them all. They look slightly sad in appearance and have their arms at their sides. Gifting them either coffee or fruit cake should cheer them up a little. On the other hand, Gnome Matter What, I’m Still Your Baby are a lively bunch. With their huge eyes and arms in the air, this gnome is ready to party. Seeing this type of gnome in your house will require you to have some coffee on hand.

Moreover, if you successfully appease Happy Gnome Garden Pal, they will provide you some garden seeds in exchange for coffee. Perhaps the happiest gnomes you will find, these gnomes can be seen with their hands on their cheeks and lifting up their beard. The final gnome that would like to receive some coffee is the Strictly Business Gnome. A gnome in a business suit and carrying a brief case is not too hard to identify.

Sims 4 Appease Gnomes.

Even gnomes like pie

There are three gnomes that love to eat pie. Arguably the most adorable of the 12, the Bearly Gnome wears a bear costume. Similarly, the Poolside Gnome is also in costume, except with swimwear. Even the grim reaper inspired gnome, Don’t Fear the Reagnomper likes to indulge in some pie.

If you have played during the Sims 4 Egg Hunt, you may recognize Mr. Floppy The Gnome. This gnome is craving some salad. It has bunny ears and carries a basket. Additionally, the Ghastly Ghost Gnome will appear as a ghostly gnome with dark black eyes. Even the ghastly gnomes are fond of some fruitcake. One of the easiest gnomes to spot are the Guardians Of The Gnomelaxy. The green alien-like gnomes will want you to gift them a future cube. Last but not least is the Bare Essentials Gnome. Although he is naked, they will have a pixelated box partly covering their body. This gnome likes to be gifted a toy.

If you fail to give the gnome the correct gift, they will begin destroying items around your home. An attempt to apologize could be successful or be met with even more hostility. Be aware that the gnomes can zap your sim with electricity if they do not accept your apology.

The Sims 4 Appease Gnomes

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