Ea Finally Adds More The Sims 4 Skin Tones To Fans' Delight (2)

The Sims 4 adding new updates and kits as part of The Summer of Sims

It's as SIMple as it sounds.

It’s hard to believe that The Sims 4 has already been out for nearly seven whole years. EA has announced a little thing they call The Summer of Sims and, no, there’s no word on The Sims 5 yet. We know it’s coming. Probably. Almost a definite probably. In the meantime, the fourth game in the series is surprisingly receiving even more updates. If you’re a dedicated fan who’s been playing the game for years on end, this will likely help tide you over in between your bloodcurdling screams at the lack of announcements regarding the eventual sequel.

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As for what we can expect, there are several things in store during The Summer of Sims. EA is promising three base game updates, an expansion pack, a game pack that’ll supposedly include a new career or two, and a new pack that focuses on designing oasis courtyards. As this is a Summer thing, all of this is set to debut during May, June, and July. Just a few hours ago, series developer Maxis streamed a sneak peek at some of the new content live on twitch, including a look at courtyards and some details about an upcoming patch. The stream VOD already has over 30,000 views, so the game clearly still has plenty of people playing.


The Sims 4 updates

The Sims 4 famously launched to a fairly mixed response back in 2014. Much of this was due to a perceived dearth of available content compared to previous entries. Of course, the game has received a steady drip of additional stuff over the years, with 10 expansion packs, nine game packs, 18 stuff packs, and four kits. The aforementioned courtyard kit is actually out today, so you can buy it right now and jump in immediately. I don’t want to think about how much all of that would cost cumulatively. But people are crazy about these games, so I’m sure lots have found out the hard way.

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