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How to assemble new weapons in Lies of P

Puppets, assemble!

Lies of P may wear its FromSoftware influence on its cold, mechanical sleeve, but it brings its own fair share of ideas to the table as well. One of the big ones is weapon assembly, a feature that lets you mix and match weapon blades and handles to create new, exciting combinations. Doing so requires a key item, as well as a good selection of weapon parts to work with, but the results can be incredibly flexible and powerful. To take advantage of this complex system, read on to learn how to assemble new weapons in Lies of P.

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How to put new weapons together in Lies of P

Get the Enigma Assembly Tool from Mad Donkey

Before you can assemble new weapons in Lies of P, you’ll need to find a key item called the Enigma Assembly Tool. This is a guaranteed drop from the game’s second major boss, Mad Donkey, who you’ll face on the Alchemist Bridge just after Elysion Boulevard. This can be a tricky battle, so check out our guide on how to beat Mad Donkey if you’re having trouble with it. Once he falls, you’ll receive the Tool, as well as the Krat City Hall Key and some Mad Donkey costume items.

Head to a Stargazer

With the Enigma Assembly Tool in hand, you can now access weapon assembly at any Stargazer in the game. Unlike upgrading your weapons, you don’t need to visit a specific vendor to do this, though you can also carry out weapon assembly with Eugénie in the Hotel Krat lobby if you’d like.

When you start assembling a weapon, you’ll be asked to pick a blade and then a handle. In general, the blade will affect the weapon’s moveset and first special move, while the handle will affect its stat scaling and second special move. You can create some interesting combinations with this, such as a speedy rapier that scales with Motivity rather than Technique, and there’s no resource cost for assembling, so you can try new combinations whenever you’d like.

And there you have it: a full guide on how to assemble new weapons in Lies of P. This is a feature that only grows richer and more useful the deeper into the game you go, so be sure to check in regularly to see what new combinations are available — you never know which one might give you an edge in combat.

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