Lies Of P Mad Donkey Guide

Lies of P: How to beat Mad Donkey

Oh he's mad alright.

Mad Donkey is a small boss encounter that takes place right before you finally meet Geppetto. But this fight is a far cry from the Parade Master boss fight that we had to take of before. This time around you’ll be fighting a human being that’s just as fast and strong as you. It’s a completely different style of fight and going in unprepared won’t end well for you. So, here’s a quick guide to taking down Mad Donkey in Lies of P.

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Lies of P: How to beat Mad Donkey

Mad Donkey wields a giant two-handed cleaver that he uses with a surprising amount of speed. Luckily he’s nowhere near as fast as you are though. Still, you need to be careful and avoid his attacks whenever possible. Mad Donkey doesn’t deal a ton of damage per swing, but being too complacent will lead to your health bar diminishing quickly. The most dangerous move Mad Donkey performs is when he glows red. He’ll perform a three-hit combo that you either need to perfect block or get away from.

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The best strategy in this fight centers entirely on leveraging the weakness of his slower weapon. Since his strikes aren’t so fast, you can use this fight as practice for perfect blocking. Trust me, learning to do this now will save you a lot of grief and frustration for bosses to come later in the game. Perfect blocking Mad Donkey’s strikes will increase his stagger far more than doing anything else. Plus, you’ll be able to score a fatal attack which will deal some nice damage.

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Another strategy is one that’s equally as risky. You can use the time in between his swings to get some quick strikes in. But you need to be confident when you strike and time those hits perfectly. If you want to play it safe, keep some distance away from him and wait for larger openings to attack. By doing this you can even bait him into opening up, which gives you the perfect opportunity to perform a charged heavy attack. You can also use the Puppet String Legion Arm to pull Mad Donkey towards you and get a couple of hits in. As long as you’re careful, the Mad Donkey fight in Lies of P shouldn’t be too bad.

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