Are charactes locked to one server in Once Human
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How to farm Energy Link in Once Human

Energy for axes.

To get ahead in the surreal, Lovecraftian existence of Once Human, you’re going to have to farm a ton of Energy Link. This currency is what you will need to buy everything from upgrades to gear. Here are the methods I have found to get it quickly.

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The easiest way I have found to farm a ton of Energy Link quickly is to run through the various Securement Silos dotted around the map. Of course, they come in varying levels, and the higher level Once Human silo you run through, the better the Energy Link farm will be at the end.

Securement Silo Theta Walkthrough Once Human 3
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However, each one gives thousands on Energy Link every time, and you may not have noticed, but each has a secret boss. The secret boss can be found using each of our guides and will usually double if not more, your Energy Link rewards. The various Securement Silos and their recommended level are:

Using these guides, you can run through these Securement Silos solo or with a squad to farm a lot of Energy Link in under 20 minutes.

Crafting to sell in Once Human

Another quick and easy method to farm Energy Link in Once Human is to build some of the most basic tools to sell. I would recommend crafting either the pickaxe in the early game or the dagger if you’re slightly higher level. These cost the bare minimum in resources and can be crafted using the most basic Supplies Workbench.

How to farm Energy Link in Once Human
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Once you have a pocket full of either of these tools, head to your local town with a market. You can sell these tools for 50 to 100 Energy Link each. As an early-game farm for Energy Link, you can’t do better than this.

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