How to Find Carbo Cookie Location in Super Mario RPG

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A lot of dialogue for a Carbo Cookie, whatever that means. Here is how to get the Carbo Cookie in Super Mario RPG.

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Getting the Carbo Cookie is starting a very comfy trade-in quest that all RPGs must have. However, before you attempt to find the Carbo Cookie in Super Mario RPG, you will need to find the Star in the Moleville Mines. Afterward, all you need to do is talk to the yellow fabric hair bun Mole inside a bucket. To begin this secret quest, you will need to get some Fireworks. Weird, I know, but just stay with me. Go and enter the house just above the Store in Moleville and talk to the grown Mole. Purchase some Fireworks for 500 coins. You will need to sell some stuff or face some enemies to collect some if you don’t the necessary coins.

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Just to the left of the house with the Fireworks mole, you will find a small Mole with a pink fabric hair bun. The Mole will offer you a Shiny Stone in exchange for some Fireworks. What would a small Mole do with Fireworks is beyond me. Anyway, make the exchange and go to the Mushroom Store.

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You will see another yellow fabric hair bun Mole that will give you the Carbo Cookie in exchange for the Shiny Stone. Trade it and then go outside to find the first Mole still sitting inside the bucket.

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Give the Carbo Cookie to the Mole and you will get, well, nothing. Or at least that’s what you are led to believe. If you hop into the bucket you will get teleported to the Midas River and you will go through the entire thing again. This time, however, no Toad will keep your coins, and things will get a little bit fairer in the Mushroom Kingdom.

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