How to Find Red Ring of Death in Remnant 2

Red Ring Of Death Remnant 2
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Gunfire Games have decided to name one of their new items something that will give some of us Xbox 360 veterans PTSD. The Red Ring of Death has been added to Remnant 2 with the Awakened King DLC. It’s a pretty powerful piece of jewelry and can be found relatively easily within the game.

How to acquire it

The good news is you won’t have to jump through hoops. The bad news is that if you want the Red Ring of Death, you’re going to have to rely on luck. The only way to get the ring is via a random drop while running through Losomn.

If you want to add it to your inventory, you’ll just have to keep running through the area until you’re lucky enough to happen upon it. Thankfully, the Red Ring of Death doesn’t have a low drop rate in Remnant 2. Patience is key.

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What is the Red Ring of Death in Remnant 2?

The Red Ring of Death is one of the rings you can equip to give buffs in Remnant 2. This one, in particular, imbues the wearer with the ability to duplicate the last damaging status effects applied to targets. However, like most rings, it also has a downside. It also drops outgoing status effect damage by 10%. It’s always swings and roundabouts with rings.

So, let’s say you have a bleed mutator applied. When you start unloading on the enemy, it will double up on the bleed damage and cause twice the damage. It is also a great bonus to have if you are using something that has a cooldown. When the item is cooling, the Red Ring of Death will pick up where the cooldown is lacking, continuing the negative status effect while you recharge. With a clever build, you can really double down on the damage with the Red Ring of Death.

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