How to fix Dr. Jansen Extraction mission auto-join bug in Modern Warfare Zombies (MWZ)

How to fx Dr. Jansen Extraction mission auto-join bug in Modern Warfare Zombies (MWZ)

So, I was playing Modern Warfare Zombies and halfway through a run, my entire squad were kicked from the game when someone tried to join the Dr Jansen Extraction mission due to a bug. This resulted in us all losing everything we had earned during the game. We had to start from scratch.

How to fix the Dr. Jansen Extraction bug in Modern Warfare Zombies

Modern Warfare Zombies Extraction Exfil With Dr. Jansen
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If any of your squad are eligible for the mission in a match in which someone initiates the Exfil in Modern Warfare Zombies, then the whole squad will be forced out of the game and into the lobby or mission. This is an annoying situation on both sides as the mission is long. Also, when you are forced out, you lose everything.

Now this isn’t the only bug I have come across in Modern Warfare Zombies by any means. There have been many other times in which I have been kicked from the game with bags of loot, only to result in nothing. However, it looks like the Jansen Extraction bug in Modern Warfare Zombies may have a fix on the way.

So far, there is no workaround for the Jansen Extraction bug. The only solution is to not be in a lobby with anyone at that point in Modern Warfare Zombies. Activision has addressed the issue. They have posted on Twitter that they are planning on rolling out a fix for it soon.

I expect that this patch is going to address a lot of problems that are plaguing Modern Warfare Zombies, along with the Jansen Extraction bug. Although the game has been bought by many, the released product, as usual, is unfinished and rushed. This has become a staple of yearly release triple-A games. It is just another reason people need to stop pre-ordering and buying before review.

I suspect that we can expect to see a game resembling a finished product closer to the release of next year’s instalment. However, even this may be optimistic.

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