How to fix your broom in Moonstone Island

How To Fix Your Broom In Moonstone Island
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Flying to the first island of the game in Moonstone Island causes your Broom to break upon crash landing. Naturally, though, don’t worry, repairing the broom is not going to take too long to manage. Here’s how to fix your broom in Moonstone Island.

Moonstone Island: How to repair the Broom

You will need the recipe for the Moonstone Enchanter, which you get by completing Zed’s first quest about taming a level five Spirit. You will also need the furnace, completed from Ferra’s first quest about gathering copper ore. Copper ore is found by smashing rocks with a hammer until you find a ladder down into a cave and mine it from there.

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Broom Craft Station

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With this recipe, you then need one moonstone ingot (three moonstone), three copper ingots (nine copper ore), and three iron ingots (nine iron ore). Smelt all of this down and then craft the Moonstone Enchanter by pressing C and clicking on it.

Broom Craft Recipe

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The broom should be the first thing on the station’s crafting list. You need two moonstone and five wood to make a new one. Five wood is easy enough, but finding another moonstone may take some hunting down with treasure chests in dungeons and caves. Your balloon is your companion in the meantime.

Once you can craft the broom, that’s it! You now have a new broom to set to your toolbar. When using it to fly off the island, its mechanics differ from the balloon. You need to hold down to charge it all the way, and if that charge runs out, you fall. It doesn’t have Stamina based capacity like the balloon, and is better for shorter distances or to turn around and navigate to another part of an island fast, something the balloon cannot do. And now that you know how to fix your broom in Moonstone Island, you can keep soaring between islands to progress the game.

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