How to get a swimsuit in Starfield

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In Starfield, you’ll spend a lot of your time on planets where the local star’s rays do unpleasant things to your body. Sometimes, you need a good helmet just to breathe outside your ship. Other times, the climate is more inviting and you may want to strip down a bit. You and your companion can show a little skin when the need arises, provided you find the right attire. Here is our guide telling you how to get a swimsuit in Starfield.

Starfield – How to get a swimsuit

It’s no fun lounging by the pool when you look like a mummy who ate another mummy. Slimming down feels much better, and it’s totally possible. To best show off the body you’ve been hiding beneath a bulky spacesuit, wear a swimsuit acquired at Paradiso.

Starfield Steal Swimsuit From Locker At Paradiso Resort Property

Screenshot: Bethesda

Start by finding Paradiso on Porrima II. If you need more detailed directions, check our guide on where to find Paradiso. It is a large resort built to cater to tourists, with a tropical environment and lots of attentive staff members.

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Fast-travel to Paradiso and head along the walkway that descends from the Spaceport. Follow the walkway past the Enhance! building on the left to reach the front door of the resort on the right. Rather than entering the main building, keep walking. You’ll find various smaller rooms rented out to guests. You can enter them freely and check inside the Lockers near the front door. They have top and bottom compartments, and sometimes you can find a Swimsuit to steal. I’ve only ever found them in the top compartment. The bottom portion sometimes offers other clothing.

When you equip a swimsuit, you must remove any equipped Spacesuits, Packs, and Helmets to see the change. The swimsuit causes actions to consume 5% less O2. You can keep the suit for yourself, or Trade it to a companion to wear. Check multiple lockers to find more than one swimsuit, if desired. If you aren’t sneaky enough when stealing clothing, a resort guard may come to take it back.

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