Where to find the major cities and settlements in Starfield

Starfield Heading To New Atlantis On Jemison
Screenshot: Bethesda

Starfield lets you explore numerous planets and systems throughout the stars. Along the way, you’ll encounter quite a few useful destinations. Sometimes, missions may require you to return to them and will offer a guided tour. In other cases, you might wish to backtrack just because. In those cases, you’re on your own. It can be difficult to remember exactly where you found that pertinent location. To help make the search a little easier, here is our guide telling you where to find the major cities and settlements in Starfield.

Starfield – Where to find the major cities and settlements

To make the most of this list, start with the name of the city, settlement, or other major attraction you would like to find. We’ve listed the main points of interest here in alphabetical order, alongside the name of the system where you can find them (and with the precise planet or moon listed in parentheses). Without further adieu:

  • Akila City – Cheyenne (Akila)
  • The Clinic – Narion (Deepala)
  • Cydonia – Sol (Mars)
  • The Den – Wolf (Chthonia)
  • Dream Home* – Olympus (Nesoi)
  • The Eye – Alpha Centauri (Jemison)
  • Fracking Station – Porrima (Porrima II-b)
  • Hopetown – Valo (Polvo)
  • The Key – Kryx (Suvorov)
  • Neon Core – Volii (Volii Alpha)
  • New Atlantis – Alpha Centauri (Jemison)
  • New Homestead – Sol (Titan)
  • Paradiso – Porrima (Porrima II)
  • The Red Mile – Porrima (Porrima III)
  • Trident Luxury Lines Staryard – Cheyenne (Akila)
  • UC Vigilance – Aranae (Aranae II)
  • Waggoner Farm – Cheyenne (Montara Luna)

* You will find this location if you have the Dream Home trait active. The first time you visit, a mission likely leads you there. See our guide on where to find your dream home for more details.

Starfield Akila City Icon In Cheyenne System

Screenshot: Bethesda

Traveling quickly to your destination

When you are viewing a map of a system, planets with a city or settlement (or other point of interest) often have an icon that looks like a series of skyscrapers next to one another. (See the above screenshot.) Other symbols point to additional points of interest. Three dots over the planet also signify there may be something especially worth visiting.

As you roam, remember that you can only jump so many light-years. You also have to travel to systems along a route at least once before you can skip over large portions of that route. Such limitations prevent you from warping great distances. Fortunately, a lot of the most exciting locations are fairly close to one another, in neighboring systems.

I have spent the majority of my time with the game in five systems: Alpha Centauri, Olympus, Sol, Cheyenne, and Volii. You can accomplish many of your tasks while staying within those most vital systems, some plot-related and faction-related missions aside. If you need more advice on getting around, make sure to check our guide detailing how to fast-travel in Starfield.

Starfield is available to purchase on Steam and the Microsoft Store.

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