How to get all 8 legendary weapons in Dead Island 2

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One of the more important parts of Dead Island 2 is the combat. You can be rather creative in how you take on the zombies. While the game features a plethora of weapons, all designed to do something beneficial, you will also come across legendary weapons. These weapons are unique, and can only be earned from doing specific missions. On top of that, whichever character you chose to play, they can use it. No one is locked out. Read this guide on how to get all 8 legendary weapons in Dead Island 2.

Dead Island 2: How to get all 8 legendary weapons

Burtalizer: To get this weapon, first complete the Body Art mission. To start head to Beverly Hills, then look for a house with a red roof. Once you’ve reached the house, go into the garage and talk to Francisca. If you’ve beaten this mission, she’ll award you the weapon.

Dead Island 2 Red House For The Brutlazier

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The One: First, head to beautiful Venice Beach, but more towards the city. If you’re looking at your map, look for a building with an L shape with another being a rectangle to the right of it. Make your way to the rectangular building, and trigger Sarah’s questline. Afterwards, meet Sebastian in Lotusville Mall to get The One.

Dead Island 2 Square Building With The One In It

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Big Shot: Start by heading to Bel-Air, and look for the It’s Not Your Fault side quest, it’s one of 4 side quests in this area. The building is located near the top of the area with a large tennis court under it. You should also see a triangular windowed roof. As a result of beating this mission, Luciana will reward you with the weapon.

Dead Island 2 Location Of Big Shot

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Body Count: After you’ve done the Redacted mission, head to Venice Beach. Firstly, you’ll see three crates, head into the open one and go to the back, the weapon will be there.

Dead Island 2 Location For Body Count

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Party Starter: For this weapon, make your way to Lotusville Mall, which will be at left-hand corner of the Ocean Avenue map. Complete the Drunk and Disorderly mission. After that head to the parking garage, and look for a white car near the entrance. Open the trunk, and the weapon should be there.

Dead Island 2 Location For Party Starter

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Blood Rage: Once you get the Fool’s Gold mission, head to Santa Monica’s beach. Look for the fast travel point, which will be near the top of the beach. Head towards the back of this building, Blood Rage should be there.

Dead Island 2 Location For Blood Rage

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Krakatao: Back in Ocean Avenue and in the Lotusville Mall, get the Missing Steve side mission. Once you’ve found him, you’ll then receive the Krakatoa.

Dead Island 2 Location For Krakatoa

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Emma’s Wrath: You can get this weapon after you’ve beaten the main story. Head to your storage tab, and check the Unclaimed Property tab.

Dead Island 2 is out now via Epic Games.

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