Destiny 2 Balance Of Power Hunter Exotic
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How to get Balance of Power Hunter Exotic in Destiny 2

Get this new Hunter Exotic in The Final Shape.

The Final Shape expansion adds a ton of new gear to Destiny 2, including all new Exotics for every class. One of the most exciting new pieces of gear is Balance of Power, a set of Exotic leg armor for Hunters.

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Balance of Power is perfect for Strand Hunters, increasing the duration and durability of their Threaded Specter decoy and causing it to release additional Threadlings when damaged. It even has a PVP-specific perk too, as standing near your Threaded Specter with this Exotic equipped prevents you from appearing on radar. Balance of Power also works with the new Prismatic subclass since Threaded Specter is available to Prismatic Hunters as well.

How to Get Balance of Power in Destiny 2 The Final Shape

There are two ways to get the Balance of Power Exotic in Destiny 2. The first and fastest way is to complete The Final Shape campaign on Legendary difficulty as a Hunter. Doing so will let you choose either Balance of Power or Gifted Conviction, another new Hunter Exotic introduced in The Final Shape, as a reward. The stat rolls won’t be too high, but it’s a guaranteed way to get either one of them.

The other way to obtain Balance of Power — and farm for different stat rolls — is to visit Master Rahool in the Tower. As of The Final Shape, Rahool is now the source for all Exotic armor in Destiny 2. If you bring him an Exotic Engram, he can decode it into any Exotic armor in the game.

Destiny 2 Rahool Reputation
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If you want to acquire any new pieces of Exotic armor, however, you’ll need to reach rank 16 with Rahool and reset your reputation with him in order to unlock Tier Three Exotic focusing. Once you’ve unlocked it, you can exchange one Exotic Engram and one Exotic Cipher for Balance of Power or any new Exotic armor. The stat rolls on gear obtained from Rahool are random, so you’ll need multiple Engrams and Ciphers to farm the best stat spread for your build.

Exotic Engrams can still be earned from all the usual sources, but you can now grind Master Lost Sectors solo to obtain them as well. They used to drop different Exotic gear each day, but now you’ll just receive Exotic Engrams that you can bring to Rahool instead. Once you’ve gotten Balance of Power and any other Exotic armor that you need, you can start working toward The Final Shape’s Exotic weapons like the Khvostov.

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