How to get Hellhound Zeus pet dog in Modern Warfare Zombies (MWZ)

Modern Warfare Zombies How To Get Hellhound Zeus
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If you want to learn what Chunks of Flesh and the doghouse are used for in Modern Warfare Zombies, you’ve come to the right place. Prepare to get your own pet Hellhound.

How to get and use Chunks of Flesh in Modern Warfare Zombies

How To Get And Use Chunks Of Flesh In Modern Warfare Zombies
Image: PC Invasion

If you’ve got that dog in you and want to let it out, you can by summoning Zeus, your very own Hellhound pet dog. To do that, you need Chunks of Flesh. We are going to feed Zeus Chunks of Flesh, zombie flesh that is, to give him the taste of zombies and make him our ally.

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Chunks of Flesh drop randomly from zombies you defeat, but for some reason, I’ve had more success finding Chunks of Flesh when defeating zombies during Contracts. The one I prefer and usually find the most Chunks of Flesh at is Escort.

You need around three or four Chunks of Flesh; grabbing more doesn’t hurt. Once you have Chunks of Flesh, you now need to find and use a doghouse.

How to use the doghouse in Modern Warfare Zombies

Modern Warfare Zombies Doghouse
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Doghouses aren’t marked on the map and they appear randomly. I played around five matches before I even saw a doghouse. When you are near a doghouse, you’ll see an icon on your map of a dog inside a house, AKA a doghouse.

How To Use Doghouse In Modern Warfare Zombies
Image: PC Invasion

Approach the fiery doghouse and, if you are close enough, you’ll see an interaction that says open. Press that and put your Chunks of Flesh into the doghouse. The first time I did this, I put in three Chunks of Flesh and I got Zeus. The second time I tried this, I put in one Chunk of Flesh and it didn’t work. Because of my results, I’m assuming the more Chunks of Flesh you put into the doghouse, the more likely you are to get Zeus, the Hellhound pet dog.

If you put anything but Chunks of Flesh into the doghouse, the house will break and an angry Hellhound will spawn. I tried this with Canned Food and I got an angry Hellhound. If you use Chunks of Flesh, you’ll get Zeus, the Hellhound.

Modern Warfare Zombies Zeus Attack Mode
Image: PC Invasion

Zeus (I’m assuming every time you create a pet dog Hellhound, they are named Zeus) is a good boy. He has a ton of health, so you don’t need to worry about him dying unless there are hordes of zombies around.

I got too comfortable with Zeus being practically invincible and I left him to fight alone for too long. After looking around, he was gone. RIP Zeus… until I summon him again. He deals a good amount of damage, but more importantly, he’s a great decoy to keep zombies off of you.

That’s how you get a pet dog in Modern Warfare Zombies, but are you still stuck on a mission? If you are, let me point you toward one of our guides, the Act One Tier Four Blasted mission guide, and you can peruse the rest of our mission guides from there.

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