Modern Warfare Zombies (MWZ) players already found a secret portal to Threat Zone Three

Modern Warfare Zombies Secret Portal
Image: PC Invasion

Threat Zone Three is the most difficult area in Modern Warfare Zombies and getting there is quite the challenge. Luckily, players have already discovered a secret portal in Threat Zone One that allows them to skip the proverbial hike to Mordor.

How to use the glyph gate in Modern Warfare Zombies

Chemical_Ad_2751 on Reddit posted about what players are calling the glyph gate. We can see from the video that this glyph gate secret portal is located in a building near a Mystery Box in Zaravan Suburbs. Check it out for yourself.

The way the glyph gate works is if you shoot three correct glyphs, you open a portal to another glyph gate somewhere on the map. The players here shot the middle and bottom glyphs on the right and the middle glyph on the left. This opened a secret portal to an area in Threat Zone Three that, to me, looks relatively safe. We also see that opening what is called the Zero-Point Interdimensional Portal costs 1,000 Essence.

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Apparently, as revealed by some comments on this Reddit post, there are many glyph gates scattered throughout Urzikstan. If you memorize the correct portal glyphs, you can effectively fast travel to different places on the map. To me, this is incredibly exciting and useful news!

Where to find the glyph gate in Modern Warfare Zombies

Modern Warfare Zombies Secret Portal Location
Image: PC Invasion

While writing this article, I got curious and hopped into a match to see the portal for myself. The glyph gate found in the Reddit post above is located at Al Maher Rec Center in Zaravan Suburbs in the men’s bathroom. You’ll hear a deep, loud noise when you’re near the glyph gate.

After the players in this Reddit post enter the portal, they turn around and reveal three glyphs on the wall. There is no return glyph gate, but there are three glyph symbols on the wall which is what they entered to get there. I’m guessing there are other locations throughout the map with three glyph symbols that you can insert like a code to fast travel to with a Zero-Point Interdimensional Portal.

It’s crazy that this discovery happened several hours before Modern Warfare Zombies was released globally, but that’s the New Zealand trick for you. I’m just happy to know that there are plenty of secrets, like the Zero-Point Interdimensional Portal, to discover in Modern Warfare Zombies. Just make sure you’re ready for whatever’s waiting for you on the other side.

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