How to get Research Stations in Starfield

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To combat the steady difficulty of Starfield, you’re always going to need to either get better gear or upgrade what you already have. This can be done with Research Stations, which allows you to get better mods over time as long as you have the right components. On top of that, the Research Labs can increase other things like storage capacity if you choose to invest in that. Generally speaking, the Research Labs or Stations are an asset to have while on your deep space travels. They can help you prepare better for any threats that appear at any moment. To learn how to get Research Stations in Starfield, read the following guide. 

How to get Research Stations

For starters, any ship can have a Research Station, you just need to use the shipbuilder to do so. However, if you’re still rocking the Frontier, the Research Station will be in the middle section of the ship. You can also build a Research Station by getting the following ingredients first

  • 2x Copper
  • 2x Aluminum
  • 4x Beryllium

Once you’ve collected all the ingredients, head to any Outpost you’ve created. From here, you’ll be able to create a Research Station. Also, to speed up getting these ingredients, try heading to any Trade Authority shop on whichever planet they’re on. The shopkeepers sometimes have a large quantity of the ingredients above.

What are Research Stations good for?

As mentioned, they’re great for upgrading a wide range of things from your gear to your ship. Additionally, you can make First Aid items like drugs, food, and other medical supplies. Having a Research Station onboard is crucial, because, from experience, resources which are ready to use in the wild are scarce, so you must craft often. You can also invest in skills such as the Gastronomy skill which yields more specialty foods on top of more recipes. 

Starfield is available now via Xbox Game Store and Game Pass.

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