How to get Sea Glass in Moonstone Island

How To Get Sea Glass In Moonstone Island
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There are many crafting recipes in Moonstone Island that require important resource items. Some are easy to get a hold of, while others are a little tricky to find. Sea Glass, in this instance, is something you’ll realize you need for multiple reasons, but the game won’t outright tell you where it is. We’re here to help, so let’s dive into how you can get Sea Glass in Moonstone Island.

Moonstone Island: Where to get Sea Glass

While you can easily find wood and stone through the natural resources of the islands, Sea Glass is harder to come by. There are a few steps in this process, but how you get Sea Glass in Moonstone Island is from Water Spirits in your Spirit Barn.

Once you finally unlock the Spirit Barn blueprint — which we have a guide on how to get — you can have a home for extra Spirits. Not only do they live there, but you need to take care of them and feed them. If you don’t, they’ll run away. But as the days go on and you continue to care for them, they’ll start dropping Spirit resources. These are items specific to the type of Spirit they are that you can use in crafting recipes and such.

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How To Get Sea Glass In Moonstone Island Water Spirit

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To get Sea Glass, keep a Water Spirit in your Spirit Barn, and make sure to feed them. I fill their stands with Fiber every day, which they love to eat. Then, a day or two passes, and you should walk into your Spirit Barn and see they dropped something.

Water Spirits give you Sea Glass, Earth Spirits give Clay, and so on. The more Spirit types you keep in your barn, the more you’ll discover what type of resources they drop. If you want to farm Sea Glass, tame and house a few Water Spirits in your Spirit Barn. This way, you’ll get a lot more Sea Glass each time you collect their resources.

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