How To Grow Springdance Shrub In Botany Manor
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How to grow Springdance Shrub in Botany Manor

A little birdie told me.

Springdance Shrub is one of the three final flowers you must grow in Botany Manor, but how can you make it bloom? There are a bunch of steps involved in properly growing this flower, so here’s how you do it.

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Botany Manor: How to grow Springdance Shrub

After growing flowers like Brook Chalice in Chapter 4, you’ll have to grow three more flowers in Chapter 5 to complete the game. From what you know, Springdance Shrub used to grow in the gardens but it disappeared during Arabella’s travels. You can grow Springdance Shrub in Botany Manor by using a Sandstone pot and Seaweed additives.

This isn’t the only thing you have to do to grow Springdance Shrub, it also involves guiding a bird to your flower as well. Before you can do any of that you need to collect the right clues:

  • Hydrangeas: Gardening Workspace (inside the small shed)
  • Pot Catalogue: Gardening Workspace (inside the small shed)
  • Bird Poster: Bird Garden
  • Bird Seeds: Bird Garden
  • Greeting Card: Side Terrace
  • Pigment Research: Garden Paths
  • Soil pH Research: Garden Paths
How To Grow Springdance Shrub In Botany Manor Pigment
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You’ll learn through the Hydrangeas journal that their pigment can change depending on the pH level of the environment due to anthocyanin. Springdance Shrub also contains anthocyanin, and the Pigment Research page details all the possible colors. You’ll be able to tell that this time of year the hydrangeas are red since you can spot many hydrangea bushes around with a red pigment.

How To Grow Springdance Shrub In Botany Manor Ph
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By looking at the Bird Poster down in the Bird Garden you’ll also know that robins like to pollinate red flowers, and you’ll spot a robin on your way into the Bird Garden. Now you know that Springdance Shrub requires a pH level between 12-14 to be red, so use the Soil pH Research paper to figure out the exact pot and additive needed. In this case, you’ll want to choose a Sandstone pot and Seaweed since it creates a pH level of 13.2.

How To Grow Springdance Shrub In Botany Manor Seeds
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Inside the small shed in the Gardening Workspace are five different pots. The Pot Catalogue will describe which one is the Sandstone pot, so take that and bring it to a plant station to soil, plant, and water the seed. As a reminder, Springdance Shrub seeds are located under the stone gazebo near the path to the Boat House sitting on a table by a chair.

Sandstone Seaweed
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Bring the seedling over to the station with the bottles of additives and place Seaweed on top. This should turn the flower from white to red. There’s still another step to this puzzle that involves the Bird Garden.

How to use the bird

Second Bird Feeder
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You’ll find a little robin eating seeds in a bird feeder before flying back to its birdhouse. You’ll first want to walk down the Bird Garden and place your Springdance Shrub seedling into the pot slot on the table. Before you head back to the bird, pick up the second bird feeder sitting on the table beside the Bird Seeds clue.

Bird Feeder
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Now you have two bird feeders, and you have to guide the robin down to the Springdance Shrub. If you look around you should notice the metal poles randomly placed around that can hold the bird feeders. First, start by placing one bird feeder on the pole to the left of the birdhouse.

The robin will fly to it, allowing you to grab the other bird feeder hanging at the entrance. Place this one on the nearest pole to the left, and the robin will fly to that one. Grab the bird feeder that the robin flew off of and place it on the proceeding pole.

How To Grow Springdance Shrub In Botany Manor Bloomed
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You’ll want to repeat this all the way down to the bottom of the Bird Garden until you place the bird feeder one last time on the pole beside the table with Springdance Shrub. The robin will fly to the bird feeder, and then jump to the red flower to pollinate it.

With that, your Springdance Shrub will bloom, and it’ll grow to cover the back wall. That’s one flower down, now you just have to grow Oscilette and Fool’s Emerald!

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