How to increase Humanity in Lies of P

Lies Of P Humanity Guide

Lies of P is a soulslike with a rather unique mechanic. And just like its fellow games in this genre, it’s a mechanic that you might not even realise is a thing during you time with it. This is a game about Pinocchio though so of course there would be some kind of secret involving lying. And while it doesn’t play a huge role in the game, it’s still interesting to delve into. But in this guide, I’ll specifically talk about how you can increase your character’s Humanity in Lies of P.

Lies of P: how to increase Humanity

Humanity is mainly determined by whether you lie or tell the truth in dialogue options. One of the key things that most puppets can’t do in Lies of P’s universe is lie. That’s what makes your character special and shows that they’re closer to a human than any other puppet. So choosing to lie will have a big positive impact on your Humanity.

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Elsewhere you can also listen to music on the Gramaphone in Hotel Krat to increase your Humanity in Lies of P. But it’s unclear if it increases your Humanity as much as telling lies in dialogue options does. Another cool way to increase your Humanity is by using certain gestures toward some characters. For example, clapping at Venigni should increase your Humanity as well.

How to check on your Humanity level

There’s no strict meter that displays your Humanity in Lies of P. This is a soulslike after all of course it’s going to hide some information away from you. But there is a way to check your Humanity even if it’s a bit cryptic. After beating the Eldest Brother of the Black Brotherhood you’ll enter a small building. In the room to the left, you can find a painting that looks mysteriously identical to your character.

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Well if you take this painting back to Gepetto and he’ll proudly display it on a nearby wall. Take a close look at the nose of the boy in the painting and this will tell you where your Humanity is at. If the nose has grown long then your Humanity has increased. For context, in the original story of Pinocchio, the puppet’s nose grows longer as he tells lies. Since Lies of P is a bit of a darker tale it wouldn’t have really worked as well if your character’s nose grew too. So the painting is a nice compromise and a cool nod to the original story.

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