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How to open Wedged Doors in Alone in the Dark

Patience is the key

Alone in the Dark aims to capture the feel and love gamers have felt with other survival horror locations. Derceto Manor isn’t a new location for the series, but their attempt to modernize it has been a bit hit or miss.

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There are certain sections of the building blocking you from accessing them for a time. Let’s grab our flashlight and figure out how to open Wedged Doors in Alone in the Dark.

Alone in the Dark — How to open Wedged Doors

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Alone in the Dark’s new-fangled Derceto Manor takes a few ques from classic video game locals like the Raccoon City Police Department from the Resident Evil 2 remake. Once you progress through the early hour of the game, the larger parts of the house open up to you.

While you can roam around the halls, there are certain doors you cannot enter the first time around. For example, the door to the Drawing Room and the door on the second floor of the Servant’s Hallway are blocked by a wedge in the door.

Your only option is to mark it in your mind (or in a Notes app) for later and continue onward. But if there’s anything I’ve learned from multiple playthroughs, you should never expect the game to hold your hand. Furthermore, figuring out how to open Wedged Doors in Alone in the Dark is something the game eventually gives to you, as long as you have patience.

Once you fix the broken plates on the clock and visit the dreadful mound, you’ll get the item you need to open these previously locked doors.

Where to find the Palette Knife in Alone in the Dark

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For better or worse, many Alone in the Dark’s puzzles simply require you to progress the story long enough for the game to give you the item. In the case of Wedged Doors, you must wait until you get the Palette Knife. You get the Palette Knife partway through Chapter 2 once you complete the Oil Rig section of the game.

You don’t come back empty-handed, as you grab a doctor’s bag before falling into the house. Make sure you open the bag, and you’ll receive the Palette Knife, as well as a clue to your next objective. If you’re having trouble finding the next thing to do, you might want to consider changing your Guidance options in the menu.

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