How to unlock the Coulrophobia, Black Caret, and I Own NY Masks in Payday 3

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In Payday 3, there are a bunch of things you can earn both free and paid with the game’s battle pass. But regardless of what you do, it’s good knowing Payday 3 isn’t a pay-to-win game. The things you can earn seem to be just narrowed down to cosmetics. One of the cooler items one can earn is the masks in Payday 3. They help your heister stand out and add more personality to your character. Masks are the piece of gear that will help you do both of those things, plus, they hide your face from the cops. So, having one that stands out is the way to go. The Coulrophobia, Black Caret, and the I Own NY masks help you do all that, and this guide will show you how to unlock them in Payday 3.

Payday 3: How to unlock the Coulrophobia, Black Caret, and I Own NY Masks

To unlock these masks, it’s fairly simple. You don’t have to buy the battle pass, nor get any special edition of Payday 3. You have to make a Nebula Account, which is free to do. After you create an account, link the account to where you’re playing the game. Once that’s done, head back into Payday 3, and the items will be there.

When creating an account for Payday 3, you’ll get other goodies like stickers and weapon charms to help you leave your mark. On top of that, Starbreeze will constantly update the rewards as time goes on, allowing you to get even more free items.

Making a Nebula account is important for many reasons, such as playing the game and linking the platform you’re playing on, so it’s easier to play with friends. It’s a way for you to find other players in the community as well. To give you even more options to work with, Starbreeze has made milestones that you’ll need to complete in Payday 2, which will unlock gear in Payday 3. Just like the masks you get for making a Nebula account, these are also free. So, it could be worth your time replaying Payday 2 before getting into the third entry.

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