What’s included in the Payday 3 season passes?

Payday 3 Season Passes
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Payday 3 features season passes that unlock special content for those willing to pay. But, what do the Payday 3 season passes offer? If you don’t want to miss out on anything in Payday 3, here is exactly what the season passes include.

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All Payday 3 season pass exclusives, explained

The Payday 3 season passes only contain two new heists, two tailor packs, and two weapons packs. They are released every six months, so we can expect two Payday 3 season passes to be released every year. And that means four new heists, four tailor packs, and four weapon packs every year if you own the season passes.

To buy the Payday 3 season passes, you need to buy the Silver or Gold Edition of Payday 3. Silver gets you only the first season pass and Gold gets you both Year One season passes. However, if you just want the Payday 3 Standard Edition for now, you can buy the season passes later.

Can you buy the Payday 3 season passes individually?

If you don’t buy the Payday 3 season passes through the Silver or Gold Editions, you can still purchase the DLCs separately at a later date. If you change your mind about the Payday 3 edition you bought, you can also upgrade your edition to Silver or Gold by paying the difference.

Since the Standard Edition of Payday 3 is $39.99 USD and the Silver Edition, which contains the first season pass, is $69.99, I would say that the season pass DLC packs alone could be $20 USD or $30 USD each. That’s just my guess, and we’ll know for sure when the DLC season passes go on sale next year.

It’s also worth noting that Payday 3 will have micro-transactions, but all of it will be cosmetic. So, if you don’t want to miss out on any in-game playable content, I suggest buying the season passes as individual DLCs or as a pack in the Silver or Gold Editions. For now, you can learn how to create a Payday 3 account to unlock unique rewards.

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