How to use Flashlight in Starfield

Starfield Helmet Flashlight
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Starfield is the latest and largest RPG released by developer Bethesda Studios. As the biggest project of the developer, the game features a vast map consisting of numerous universes for the players to explore. While exploring these planets, you will come across several dark places where the presence of light is almost zero. Moreover, the day and night cycle of the game also makes it hard to explore planets at night due to low visibility. Fortunately, the developers have kept the option of equipping a flashlight for such troublesome situations. In this guide, we will show you how to use the Flashlight in Starfield.

How to turn on Flashlight in Starfield

Turn On Flashlight Starfield

Image: Bethesda

Starfield does not give the players clear instructions on how to use the flashlight. Although the tutorial will teach the players the process, it is something that most of the players will forget by the time they feel the necessity of a flashlight. Luckily, you don’t need to do anything extra to equip or collect any flashlight in Starfield. The flashlight is equipped with the space helmet you are wearing and just needs to be turned on/ off.

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In order to turn on a flashlight, firstly, make sure that you are wearing a space helmet. Now, simply press and hold the hand scanner button to turn on the flashlight. If you are playing on Xbox, press and hold down the LB button; if you are playing on PC, simply press and hold the F button. Make sure you press and hold these buttons, and not just press once, as it will bring the hand scanner option if you just press these buttons once. Again, repeat the same process if you want to turn off your Flashlight.

During missions, the flashlights can help you to explore areas and to find objects in the dark. Throughout the missions in Starfield, you will be required to find a lot of hidden objects, a lot of which take place in low-visibility areas. Make sure to turn on the flashlight in such situations to make the progress smoothly. However, the flashlight is a very useful tool, but it has its downsides as well. During stealth missions, the flashlight can give away your position to the enemies, causing problems to finish the missions.

Starfield is available now via Xbox Game Store and Game Pass.


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