How to Vote for the Apex Legends LTM

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Each new season of Apex Legends brings something new and keeps things fresh. The same is said for Season 17. Ahead of Season 17 which is packed with a new legend in Ballistic and many other things, you and other players will be able to pick the limited-time mode. So if you want to be a part of this, read on to learn how to vote for the Apex Legends LTM.

Apex Legends: How to vote for the LTM

These modes have been introduced before, and chances are you’ve already played them so you won’t be surprised. But for those who are new to the game, these modes are Gun Run, Team Deathmatch, and a newer mode Control. Each mode offers something different, at different speeds. If you’re like me, they can help teach you how to play each legend.

In order to have your say in what mode is going to be used, you need to cast your vote. To do that, simply head to Apex Legends’ website, and scroll to the selections. From there, press only one mode, and then click submit.

Apex Legends Mode Selection Screen How to Vote for the Apex Legends LTM

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Voting begins on May 5 and runs till May 8, a day shy of Season 17 launching.

What’s new in Season 17?

The new legend Ballistic seems to be a fun character to use, his passive Sling allows him to carry a third weapon. However, whichever weapon you have in the Sling, you won’t be able to attach anything to it. His tactical gives him the ability to lock on to enemies with his smart pistol, and his ultimate gives him and his team infinite ammo and faster reload for a period of time. He can also make the weapon he’s using the gold variant of it temporarily. So he could be a threat and an asset to have on your team. Additionally, the firing range, ping system, and World’s Edge map have been reworked, so expect new ways to fight. Season 17 of Apex Legends will launch on May 9.

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