HTC VIve delay due to ‘very big breakthrough’ in VR tech

HTC VIve delay due to ‘very big breakthrough’ in VR tech

VR fans were disappointed to hear that the HTC Vive was being pushed back to April but according to HTC it’s been pushed back becasue of “a very, very big technological breakthrough”.

Speaking at the Vive Unbound developers forum in Beijing, HTC’s CEO Cher Wang didn’t give anything away as to what this “breakthrough” is but did say that they delayed the release because they “shouldn’t make our users swap their systems later just so we could meet the December shipping date.”

According to Wang they will reveal this big step forward at CES in January.

It must be big news if they’re prepared to take the risk and delay the Vive’s release which could mean that Oculus will get to market first with the Rift.

Pre-orders for the Vive start at the end of February.

Thanks Engadget.

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