Hell Let Loose Winter Warfare Update

Hell Let Loose left early access last summer, but developer Black Matter didn’t stop there. The game has seen tons of patches and updates since then, including a substantial animations overhaul back in July. Another huge update has just dropped today, and it brings new content amongst a laundry list of bug fixes.

Front and center is the new content being added to Hell Let Loose in update 8. The iconic Grease Gun has been added to the arsenal here, alongside new transport trucks. Transport trucks are exactly as they sound — non-lethal vehicles designed to carry troops, ammo and other supplies. The Germans get the Opel Blitz, while the US gets the GMC CCKW 2½-ton 6×6 truck.

These trucks can take damage from standard firearms, as they don’t carry the same armor levels as tanks and the like. The developer has made some other changes too, from their appearance in the test build. The vehicles are now less prone to getting stuck in the environment, and should be more efficient at tackling steep inclines. The team does want the trucks to remain somewhat tough to handle though, so you’ll have to master how they drive.


Back to the new weapon, you might have gone hands on with the Grease Gun in other WWII games before. This American SMG, officially known as the M3, offers up a slower fire rate than the Thompson. It typically acts as the American version of the MP40, and it sounds like its deployment in Hell Let Loose will be similar.

Hell Let Loose update

A few other gadgets and abilities have been added in update 8. The Engineer’s Satchel Charge is now available, offering up a new remote explosive option. This piece of equipment can be set to a 30, 60, or 120 second timer before it blows up. It’ll certainly be useful for destroying vehicles and fortifications.

Speaking of which, new faction specific fortifications have also been added too. Bunkers and barricades can now be deployed and altered out on the battlefield. Beyond these new arrivals, a host of improvements and bug fixes are now live with update 8 for Hell Let Loose.

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