Humankind Best World Wonders Guide

Similar to a 4X strategy game like Civilization, Humankind allows you to construct world wonders. However, the mechanics are vastly different and influence plays a key role. Still, you might obtain some nifty bonuses, including extra fame and stability. Here’s our Humankind guide to help you out with world wonders, as well as acquiring influence for your empire.

Note: This guide is based on the Victor OpenDev build, and we’ll update it accordingly as we get closer to the release date.


Humankind: World Wonders guide – Getting massive boosts to your influence, stability, and fame

How do you gain influence?

Influence is a key factor when you’re trying to grab world wonders in Humankind. This resource isn’t only used to build/attach outposts or convert them into cities, but it’s also required to claim world wonders (more on this process later).

At the start of your Humankind campaign, it’s going to be a slog to amass enough influence. But, to help you out, here are some sources:

  • Civilizations/cultures – Aesthete-type civilizations such as the Olmecs (Ancient Era) have a bonus to influence generation.
  • Civics – Founding Myths (Natural Right), Cultural Blessing (Multiculturalism), Religious Tolerance (Open-Minded), and options that push you towards Liberty.
  • Religion – Shamanism and Polytheism both provide influence once you plop down holy sites. Later, you can get tenets that add influence such as Smite Unbelievers.
  • Having a natural wonder in your territory.
  • Technologies – Certain techs unlock options that give extra influence. Examples include districts (Commons Quarter), infrastructure (Theater), and ceremonies (Festival).

Hmkd Wwnd Inf 1

Claiming wonders

A few turns later, you should be told that a wonder can be claimed using influence. Now, unlike Civilization, wonders in Humankind can be claimed by any nation, preventing others from constructing the building.

This means that the race isn’t who can build the wonder the fastest, but who can amass enough influence the fastest. It’s also worth mentioning that each time period from the Ancient Era onwards has four wonders for everyone to choose from. Oh, and if you don’t want a particular wonder from an era, you don’t need to pick one at all.

Note 1: The further you progress in the game, the higher the influence cost when claiming wonders. Once you do attempt to construct them, make sure that it’s on a valid tile.

Note 2: Likewise, wonders are considered “shared projects” in that multiple cities can lend their industry output to help complete the building. Lastly, you can speed up the construction of wonders, even instantly completing them if you wish, but you’ll use up a city’s population if you do so.

Humankind Best World Wonders Guide 1

Wonderful bonuses

Below, you’ll see the table for all the current world wonders in Humankind. Be reminded that every wonder you complete adds +100 fame score. Likewise, wonders provide extra stability to the city, enough to actually prevent most instances of rebellions and unhappiness.

EraWonderEffect 1Effect 2
AncientStonehenge+10 food and +5 stability per coreligionist state; +20 faith; +40 stability;
On capital: +5% food and +5 stability on the capitals of empires following the same religion
Is considered a Holy Site but does not count towards the Holy Site cap
Temple of Artemis+20 faith; +40 stability;
+10 health regeneration on unit; units ignore movement penalties from forests
Is considered a Holy Site but does not count towards the Holy Site cap
Hanging Gardens of Babylon+20 stabilityExtracts any luxury resource from the deposit that it’s built on
Pyramid of Giza+20 stability; -25% district industry costN/A
ClassicalMausoleum at Halicarnassus+1% science per district; +20 stabilityN/A
Statue of Zeus+20 faith; +40 stability; +5% money per alliance (empire-wide); +10 stability on city or outpostIs considered a Holy Site but does not count towards the Holy Site cap
Colossus of RhodesMilitia units aren’t lost over time during sieges; +20 stabilityN/A
Lighthouse of Alexandria+20 stability; +2 vision height; +5 vision range; +1 combat strength and +2 naval movement for naval unitsN/A
MedievalNotre Dame+1 faith per researched technology; +20 faith; +40 stabilityIs considered a Holy Site but does not count towards the Holy Site cap
Todai-Ji+20 faith; +40 stability; +20% turns before city/outpost is converted by another religionN/A
Angkor Wat+1 food per faith; +20 faith; +40 stabilityIs considered a Holy Site but does not count towards the Holy Site cap
Forbidden City+25 war support when going to war; +20 stabilityN/A
Early ModernTaj Mahal+20 stability; +50% money on settled cityN/A
Topkapi Palace+20 stability;
On city/outpost: +5% industry; +100% production towards any shared project (national project, holy site, or cultural wonder)
Machu Picchu+20 stability; redistributes 50% of the food from this city to all your other citiesN/A
St. Basil’s Cathedral+1 faith per district; +20 faith; +40 stabilityIs considered a Holy Site but does not count towards the Holy Site cap

I personally like building Stonehenge during the Ancient Era. It’s all because of the extra faith generation you can get (which is actually important since followers of your state religion can synergize with science boosts later). There are, however, a couple of notable overpowered (OP) picks down the line.

First, there’s Angkor Wat which you can get during the Medieval Era. Assuming you’ve generated a lot of faith already, then you’ll have a ton of extra food to go around. Second, there’s Machu Picchu from the Early Modern Era. The region you build this on will provide 50% of its food to all your remaining cities. This amount isn’t even divided among your remaining cities. Instead, every city gets the net benefits, so it’s possible to instantly have a massive food surplus.

Humankind Best World Wonders Guide 2

Humankind will release via Steam on August 17.

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