Humble Bundle X has Joe Danger 2, To The Moon and more

Humble Bundle X has Joe Danger 2, To The Moon and more
humble bundle x
You know how this works by now, right?

It’s all very well calling this Humble Bundle X, but surely they should’ve saved up this tenth one for the X series of games. It would’ve been so perfect. Alas, they already did an X bundle last year before they reached ten.

Not to worry, as there are plenty of other decent games included in this collection. At the “pay whatever you damn well please” level, there’s Joe Danger 2: The Movie, Runner2, To The Moon and Papo & Yo. Beat the average (currently an unusually high $8.51) and you get Surgeon Simulator 2013 and Reus as well. Remember, if you want Steam keys you have to pay at least $1.00 USD.

So why is the average quite high? Well, because Humble Bundle also gave a way Starbound to the first 1,000 people to pay $10.00 or more. As you can imagine, copies of that didn’t last long. Oh, and I guess it may also have something to do with a rich Nazi donating $5,000 so they could leave the name “o/ HEIL HITLER o/” in the top contributors list.

Where are Mossad when you need them, eh?

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