Hunt: Showdown
Hunt: Showdown

After Hunt: Showdown‘s most recent event received such a positive reception, the devs are already prepping another one. The upcoming event is part of a set of quality-of-life updates to the game. The event’s theme was left unannounced, but there will be a bevy of rewards.  In the near future, updates will bring not only a new map to Hunt: Showdown, but we’ll also see improvements to the game’s optimization. Since this will kick off so much new content for fans to dig into, it’s looking like players are going to be rather happy with what’s to come.

The new Dark Sights trailer, which went live today, lightly teases some future additions to Hunt: Showdown. The trailer is heavily cinematic and jumps between quick cuts of gameplay, with a bit of action along the way. It seems that a bow and arrow will finally be coming to the game. Plus, there’s a brief look at what might be the new map tucked in at the very end. We get a glimpse of some horses standing in front of a yellow, grassy area with a gazebo in the background. It almost strikes me as an Old West town.


Hunt: Showdown Dark Sights trailer

Hunt: Showdown had its third anniversary recently and brought with it a limited-time event called As the Crow Flies. This event had a new boss, plus a lot of rewards. The upcoming event will probably be quite similar in a lot of ways. Of course, nothing quite compares to a new map, does it? And if players end up finally getting their hands on a bow and arrow, that would make things all the sweeter. The game is still going strong and has shown few signs of slowing down as of late, so we’ll have more on future developments as they come out.

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