Ubisoft has released a gameplay trailer showcasing what’s coming to Hyper Scape in season 2. The free-to-play battle royale launched out of beta in August, and its first season is just wrapping up. Season 2, titled The Aftermath, drops October 6, and brings new modes, map changes, seasonal events and more.

The major new game mode shown off is a Floor is Lava mode, which of course, forces players to use rooftops to traverse the map. The mode looks like it’ll play to Hyper Scape‘s strengths, being fast player movement and advanced traversal abilities. We’re curious to see how this one will play out in the battle royale format, as we can see some awkward final circles cropping up here.

Also dropping in season 2 is a new weapon that could prove useful on the Floor is Lava mode. The Atrax is a weapon that burst fires sticky explosives, which detonate after a certain period of time. The Atrax sounds useful for flushing people out of key areas, you know, like building rooftops when players can’t touch the floor.

Become a champion

Ubisoft is introducing a ranking system in season 2 as well.  The rankings are formed from the ten best matches performed by each player, and the system contains six tiers. Matches played in Crown Rush Squad will count for the rankings, which are as follows: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Champion.

Hyper Scape Season 1

Before season 2 kicks off, Ubisoft is holding a final special event for season 1. Players will get the chance to participate in Project Tower, a limited time mode that kicks off October 4. And by limited time, we mean it. The event will only be live for one hour, at 1 PM ET, and it looks like the developer is aiming for a Fortnite-style live event to close out the season.

It might be worth checking out Hyper Scape season 2 if you’re a newcomer. Ubisoft is introducing daily rewards with its next season, ranging from battle points to free cosmetics. It all kicks off on October 6.

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