Celebrities playing video games and sharing a hobby with fans is always a treat. I mean, look at how much Fortnite player Ninja earned when Drake joined his stream. Destiny is also one of those franchises with a healthy following of celebrities. Stranger Things star Caleb McLaughlin loves it and so does Zach LaVine of the Chicago Bulls. Director John Carpenter finds it fun as well. So yes, it’s always nice to see famous folks playing the games that we play. That means they’re grinding it out like the rest of us. Rapper Ice-T is one of those who happens to have done just that after completing his Solstice of Heroes set in Destiny 2.

    Ice-T grinds it out for Solstice of Heroes armor in Destiny 2

    The first tweet is, of course, Ice-T pointing out how torturous the grind can be. After all, the Solstice of Heroes armor set requires you to replay missions, collect orbs, get super kills in PvP, and much more. It’s something that many Destiny 2 fans love and hate at the same time. It’s great to have something to do, and, at the same time, it’s tough to do that same thing over and over. Since it’s the only way to get 400 power level armor, then yes, the going can be rough.

    After a week of grinding, looks like Ice-T has completed the Solstice armor set for his Titan. No doubt, the past week with Mayhem (faster super and ability charge) in PvP helped out. Well good for him! Other players on Reddit are even celebrating his achievement. We don’t know if he still needs to masterwork it, or if he wants to re-do the grind all over again for his other characters. Trying to get those super kills in Crucible would be a pain without Mayhem this time around.

    Now, all we gotta ask is if WWE superstar Big Show has already grabbed Destiny 2’s brass ring. He probably won’t need that much help. After all, Big Show claims to be in the top 1% in terms of K/D. Even my measly 1.55 stat might not be enough to bring down the giant in Trials.

    For those who are still grinding it out, don’t forget to check out our latest Destiny 2 coverage, including our guides. Sure, the grind may be hard, but Guardians always have to keep their eyes up. Just don’t get stuck like former-Pacer now-Thunder Paul George a few years ago when he was looking for Calcified Fragments in The Taken King.

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