While you may not know it, publishers, developers and PR agencies sometimes accuse us of being a little strict with our review scores. Late last year, for example, a certain review caused a certain company to threatened us with the loss of their support and prevent us getting early access to the titles they represent.

We like to think of ourselves as firm but fair, our primary goal with reviews is to give you best guide possible as to a game’s quality. Therefore we don’t hand out high scores willy-nilly.

Sometimes a game is so truly wonderful that it deserves extra-special mention, though. That’s happened today with our review of Dark Souls: Prepare to Die edition, a game that we’ve bestowed with the first 10/10 we’ve given all year.

Our established readers might remember that we named Dark Souls as our number one game of 2011 last year, so we’re incredibly happy to see that the transfer to the PC has not muted any of the appeal held by the console version.

You can read our full review of Dark Souls: Prepare to Diehere.

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