In a week where EA is testing the boundaries of consumer patience with SimCity’s hopeless online launch, the podcast team discuss whether there might be a better way to handle this bold, new dawn of digital distribution and always-online titles.

Garrett is polishing up his bow for a new outing in the re-announced Thief 4 (now simply called Thief.) Will it be any good? Will it have Stephen Russell? We don’t know the answer to either of those questions, but that won’t stop some rampant podcast speculation on the subject.

Speaking of stealing all the gold, an EA conference call from last week revealed that the publishing giant feels that “consumers” are “welcoming and embracing” microtransactions. Is that so, EA? We have a chat about that, too.

The podcast team’s hands have not been idle, of course. This week we offer opinions on the new¬†Tomb Raider, a freshly patched World of Warplanes and an ever-so-timely look at Crysis 3.

You can listen or watch (and listen,) below. Prior episodes can be found on iTunes, and in our own archive.

Peter Parrish

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