IncGamers Poll – Valve’s GDC 2015 announcements

As GDC 2015 rolls to a close, this week’s IncGamers Poll is curious about which (if any) of Valve’s many announcements at the event are getting people enthused.

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The question is a pretty straightforward one: “How do you feel about Valve’s GDC 2015 announcements?” Gaben and his team had quite a few things to talk about, but what, attentive reader, caught your interest?

Perhaps the SteamVR-assisted Vive headset (complete with magical room tracking beacons) takes your fancy in a ‘this might be just the push society needs towards an actual Philip K Dick dystopia’ kind of way. Or maybe you’re excited to give Source 2 a try when that becomes available.

You may be eagerly awaiting November, so you can buy a Steam Link streaming box, or maybe a Steam Machine, or one of Valve’s impressively owl-faced controllers.

Alternatively, you could be disappointed at yet another trade event going by without Valve announcing an actual game. Sure, they had a Portal-based demo room for their VR headset, but it’s not the same.

You can take your pick from the poll, below. The same poll should now be available on the right-hand side of the site too. Apologies if your view doesn’t quite fit into one of the four designated options – poll technology doesn’t extend to deft nuance.

If you missed the results of our prior Nvidia/GTX 970 VRAM poll, you can read those here.

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