Is Payday 3 cross-platform?

Is Payday 3 cross-platform?

Crime should be all inclusive.

After the cult following that the Payday games have received, there is no doubt Payday 3 will be welcomed with the same popularity. The heist simulation game pits players against the law to try to get away alive and with as much in their pockets as possible. Payday 3 can be played with random preset teams or, even better, with your own squad. Payday relies heavily on communication, so the online elements are key. With the release latest release, the question stands. Will Payday 3 be cross-platform?

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Is Payday 3 cross-platform?

Is Payday 3 cross-platform?

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Payday 3 will not only be cross-platform but also cross-progress, meaning your saves will also continue on through multiple consoles. You can now team up with players across all platforms to wreak havoc on banks around the world. Payday 2 didn’t support this feature, but due to popular demand, cross-platform is now enabled. To turn it off, simply visit your settings menu from the start menu and toggle cross-play.

Cross-progress means that your progress in Payday 3 isn’t tied to your hardware and instead syncs with your profile. Now, when you log into your Payday 3 account, you can have all your progress and unlocks available, no matter whether you’re playing on PC, Xbox, or PlayStation. This makes logging into your friends’ console for couch Co-Op a breeze.

The pros and cons of cross-platform

In a number of games, it has become a habit to turn cross-platform off. Console players often find they have a problem with trying to compete with PC players. In FPS games, in particular, the ability to use a mouse and keyboard gives a clear advantage. So, while it is great to have cross-platform, being able to choose not to have it is important.

One of the best things about cross-platform in a game like Payday 3 is its team-focused gameplay. It isn’t competitive on the team vs. team level, so the more options you have to group up with friends, the better.

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