Is Starfield coming to PS5? Answered

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Soon enough, Starfield is coming out on multiple platforms to all of its eager waiting players ready to see what Bethesda’s next original sci-fi world will be like. As the upcoming Starfield will be available on Xbox Series X and S as well as Windows PC on launch, some who are eagerly awaiting the game may be wondering: what about the PS5? If the Xbox is getting a Starfield release, and considering past releases, then is Starfield coming to Ps5?

Starfield coming to PS5 status

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Starfield is not exactly like, say, Skyrim and its capacity to be available on every platform in existence. Starfield is only going to be available on the Xbox series and Windows at launch. There is no official developer word on if it will eventually become available on other platforms. Given Bethesda’s usual cross-platform capacity, one would expect that is planned for the game’s future. Yet even this doesn’t seem likely this time. We have no word of a possible extension to the PS5. This may most likely be because of Bethesda being bought out to Microsoft and the known rivalry between Xbox and PS5. For now, Starfield remains an Xbox console exclusive beyond Windows.

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We may not see any future Bethesda games on any PlayStation consoles if this is the case, or continues to be the case. It may very well be that whatever comes after Starfield from Bethesda in the future may only be for PC and Xbox and possibly the Switch too.

A bummer to all who have or have ordered a PS5 and wanted to enjoy Starfield that way. But at the least, there’s still the PC to enjoy Bethesda’s new and exciting sci-fi adventure when it comes out.

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