The Finals Beta
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Is The Finals Coming to Xbox Game Pass?

Game Pass once again.

The Finals is one of the new staggering battle royales that somewhat took over the gaming world during its recent beta phases, and its unique gameplay combined with polarizing movement.

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While the title has yet to bolster a release date for the time being, there’s still some discussion into whether or not it’ll be a launch Xbox Game Pass title, and we’re going to run over this question below.

Is The Finals an Xbox Game Pass Day One Release?

The Finals

With any new FPS today, albeit, one that is also a battle royale, it’s hard to break into the industry and draw players towards their game. Especially, with the yearly release of Call of Duty looming, and other titles such as Fortnite grabbing news for going back to their Chapter 1 roots.

With Embark Studios and The Finals, they’ve aimed to bridge the gap between certain titles such as Call of Duty, and Apex with their unique movement mechanics and high-octane gameplay that we’ve seen in the beta stages.

With just a late 2023 release window the time being, there’s some indication that we could see this get delayed, with there only being two months left in the calendar year.

However, in terms of whether the title is going to be released on Xbox Game Pass when it eventually releases, as of now we simply do not know.

We’re anticipating that when the title does get a confirmed release date, this will be announced alongside it, so we’ll be sure to keep you posted for the time being. However, one aspect to keep in mind, is that we do not know if Embark Studios intends on charging for the game, or making it free to play.

If they make the game free to play, it will be free for users on Steam and their respective store pages, if they’re on console.

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