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Jackbox Games has announced the second new game coming to The Jackbox Party Pack 6. Keeping in line with the rest of the series, “Push The Button” will see friends trying to screw each other over to potentially win a fake game that doesn’t matter. It’s so nice when you get to stab your friends in the back for fake gains.

The fungus among us

In all seriousness, “Push The Button” is all about determining which of your friends is an alien. As Jackbox’s official description reads:

How well do you know your friends? Like, really know them? Could they be hiding something from you? Maybe a shellfish allergy? A dream of joining the circus? Maybe not… perhaps they’re just aliens from outer space trying to kill all humans?!

The main breakdown is that players will need to utilize their “art” skills to draw interpretations of what the game is asking them. It’s kind of similar to Pictionary, just with a more potentially lethal outcome. Since alien invaders have infiltrated your spaceship, the only way to identify them is by playing some weird “Turing Test”-like challenge. Once you’ve successfully identified those among you that are extraterrestrial, you’ll throw them out of the airlock and continue on your merry way.

As the short trailer shows, challenges like “Draw a Couple in Love” will show up for the aliens as “Draw an Elderly Couple.” Through the power of deductive reason (i.e. lots of alcohol and yelling), you and your friends will need to agree upon which drawing is a bunch of crap and throw out the friend that is lying. It sounds like an absolute riot and is exactly the type of thing I expect from Jackbox Games.

“Push The Button” is the third game Jackbox Games has announced for Jackbox Party Pack 6 following “Dictionarium” and “Trivia Murder Party 2.” The party game is scheduled for a release this fall on consoles and PC.

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