John Smedley to lead Amazon Games Studio San Diego

John Smedley to lead Amazon Games Studio San Diego

Amazon is further expanding its list of studios with the aid of former Daybreak/Sony Online Entertainment man John Smedley. After a brief and unsuccessful stint at running the independent Pixelmage Studios, Smedley is now going to be leading a studio in San Diego.

Amazon Games Studio San Diego is said to be starting work on an “an ambitious new project” which, no surprise, will involve the Amazon Web Services cloud system and the (Amazon owned) Twitch streaming network. Said project is in the “early days” of production, so there’s very little else to be said about it for now.

That also means it’s too early to say whether Smedley and the San Diego team’s efforts will even come to the PC. However, his background, and platform announcements for recent Amazon Game Studios titles, would suggest that it probably will.

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    • BiffChadwell

      It would be nice if Amazon Studios could basically pull off what Everquest NEXT was supposed to be, what with DayBreak Studios f***ing up everything nowadays as they feebly amble towards collapse.