Thatgamecompany, developers of such awesome games like Flower, Journey and Flow, have hinted that a new game may be coming later this year. When a fan on Twitter asked what was next for the studio, Jenova Chen, co-founder & creative director of thatgamecompany, replied saying “Hopefully you will hear about it this year,”.

Thatgamecompany had signed a deal with Sony to release three games exclusively on the PlayStation 3. With the release of Journey, Thatgamecompany has fulfilled their promise and are now free to create games for anyone they choose. Since parting ways with Sony, the studio has said that they would like to release their next project “on as many platforms as possible”.
Although we have no specific details on what they’re planning next, Thatgamecompany has said that it would like to explore the idea of emotional connections between players and try “something even more ambitious”.

“We are looking at a universal control [scheme] which is touch control because it is literally on all the platforms,” he said.

“So we’ve been having fun just exploring that area because we are always giving the gamer new controls, we were the first to really push the tilt on the Sixaxis controller, so we feel we can do something brand new in touch as well.

“But the more important part of our game is actually the multiplayer experience now – bringing a new emotion between the players in the game and between each other.”

Source: CVG

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