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The Epic Games Store is continuing its reign of gamer charity with two new free offerings coming soon to the market. Players will be able to download the games Just Die Already and Paradigm next week on the Epic Games Store at no cost. Just Die Already is an “old people mayhem sandbox game” where you control a violent elder. Paradigm is a “surreal adventure game,” featuring an incredibly strange premise involving a genetically engineered sloth.

Just Die Already is a game from the designers of Goat Simulator, and is suitably goofy like you’d expect. The name naturally comes from the game world’s insatiable thirst for elder death, as you control an older person freshly kicked from a retirement home. To qualify for more free retirement care, you must perform dangerous acts for the world to earn special tickets. It’s time for the Silent Generation to get noisy.


Is that a hand?

Meanwhile, Paradigm is an adventure game that combines a post-apocalyptic setting with a disturbingly handsome mutant named Paradigm. His mysterious past comes back to bite him in the fingers in the form of a strange sloth that has the ability to projectile vomit candy. That’s a normal premise. The game is a “classic point and click adventure game,” and is described as “Pixar meets Fallout.” Pump yourself up for a nasty, strange, but good time.

Just Die Already and Paradigm will be free on the Epic Games Store next week starting on April 28 until May 5. In the meantime, you can spook yourself with Amnesia: Rebirth and Riverbond for free until April 28 at 11 AM. You can visit the Epic Games Store to hit up those games here. Remember to download the other games before they become full price, and wipe off your spectacles for some good old murder. That’s not a normal sentence.

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