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Asymmetric multiplayer games serve as a fantastic way to explore interesting game concepts, and Propnight certainly stands as no exception. Released back in December 2021, Propnight sees a group of survivors attempting to flee from a killer. What sets the game apart is the survivors’ ability to transform into background props. Survivors can still move while in prop form, leading to some wacky physics shenanigans that fit well in a multiplayer setting. Unfortunately, the game’s “mixed” rating on Steam suggests that the developers still need to iron out a few kinks before the title can truly thrive. In all likelihood, the new update that just went out for Propnight doesn’t fully address these issues, but it at least gives those who enjoy the game more to play around with.

The developers did not shared many details regarding what the new update, dubbed the “Keymaster’s Game,” brings, but it essentially centers around two major additions. The first of these comes in the form of a new survivor, “a katana-wielding young lady with a heavy 80s kick.” Presumably, the katana will function as more than a simple background detail and have an actual purpose in-game, but it looks like the only way to find out for sure is to try the update out for yourself.


What about the rest of it?

As for the second major addition, the update also implements a new “Hide and Seek” mode that lasts two rounds and features four hunters, as well as four new props. Additionally, the update comes with redesigned maps, a brand-new killer, and a host of new skins.

The additions all seem fine enough, but the overall lack of information that the developers have given on the new Propnight update makes it difficult to get a feel for them. There isn’t even any information regarding bug fixes, so how much this update actually improved the game is very much up in the air.

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